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#PropertyNews: Experts relay difficulties in creating mortgages

From the N18 billion it has raised from the capital market between 2015 and 2019, the Nigerian Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC) is said to have refinance mortgages originated by its 12-member primary mortgage banks PMBs and three commercial banks, leading to the creation of 900 mortgages. 24 more words

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Celebrating Life: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A QUINTESSENTIAL EDITOR – Arc. Mrs Jacinta Samson

Editor Arch. jacinta samson
Editor’s Note

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Arc. Mrs Jacinta Samson – Editor NTA Property Connect Magazine.

May your day be filled with happiness, merriment and abundant blessings.
Thanks for working so hard to bring the best out of us.
Here’s our little way of recognizing your profound efforts, hard-work, dedication and of course, our little wish for you.
Wishing a quintessential wife, mother and lady a very happy birthday.
– Team Property Connect Magazine

#PropertyNews: Experts urge estate agents to leverage on technology

Bothered by the disruptive impacts of technology on the built sector, practitioners especially, the Association of Estate Agents in Nigeria (AEAN) have been urged to embark on regular training and re-training of members on new innovations that would enhance their business. 31 more words

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#PropertyNews: SON decries N4.5bn loss on building collapse

The effect of building collapse on Nigeria economy has taken a toll on both lives and property of the citizens. Aside from the trauma, the devastating effects on property are better imagined than beheld. 39 more words

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#PropertyNews: Expert suggests stabilised earth bricks for building construction

A Professor of Architecture, Adedeji Daramola, has suggested the use of locally-made Stabilised Earth Bricks (SED) by the building construction to ensure durability of structures in the society. Daramola, also the Rector of Redeemers’ College of Technology and Management (RECTEM) in Mowe, Ogun, described the stabilised earth bricks as a mixture of laterite or natural […]

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#PropertyNews: Quantity surveyor boss proffers solutions to high rent

Mrs. Aderonke Oyelami, Chairperson, Women Quantity Surveyors of Nigeria, on Wednesday attributed the incessant increase in house rent in the country to inadequate buildings. Oyelami said that rent on housing would come down if developers could engage in mass production of houses to reduce the gap between demand and supply. Nigeria, with its over 170 […]

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#PropertyConnect: 6 Things People Dislike About Agents And How They Can Correct It

Most people hate the fact that they often times have to go through a real estate agent before they can rent, buy or sell a property because of the impression some “so called” professionals in the real estate industry have created. Asides that, some real estate agents are only after the money they can get […]

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