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#NtaPropertyConnect: How to Entertain Guests by Decorating Your House

Having guests at your house can be a comfortable and wonderful way to spend quality time together! If you are having guests over, you want to ensure that they are entertained and that you are presenting your home in a welcoming way. Entertain your guests by decorating them with these four steps! Start With a […]

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#NtaPropertyConnect Tourism: European Castles, Palaces and Fortresses…

Want to learn more about some of Europe’s most interesting castles? Here are just a few!

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#NtaPropertyConnect: 7 simple tips on relocating to a new neighbourhood -Dennis Isong

We’ve put together some hints to make your relocation as easy as feasible.

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They include;

1. Set A Cost Range:Let’s start with expenses that come with relocation, it can be very high-priced. In case you don’t have a relocation allowance out of your job, tame the costs with the aid of developing a budget and looking to persist with it. You can seek different services of company involve in aiding the relocation movement. They can be of great assistance; however, they can be high-priced. That’s the reason why you need to check out different companies so as to get a high chance of comparing one to another. This can help you choose the best that fits your budget.

2. Make Checklists: Checklist is a perfect way to help make sure things aren’t forgotten all through the disturbing shifting process. Ideally, make three lists: one of the things to do earlier before relocation, one of the things to do all through the relocation, and the main point that most of the people neglect, things to do after moving.

3. Take Your Time:Don’t make the mistake of rushing because this can cause major disaster later. Be sure to visit your potential home, check out the place, and know how to co-ordinate in relocating to your new vicinity.Study the area, ask questions and if possible, make new friends they’ll help guide you on the happenings in the area even before relocating. In case you have already got a job, attempt riding to and from your new office throughout the rush hour to peer what your shuttle can be like. Take a stroll around the block and spot if you may believe yourself living there.

4. Security Game on Point:Certain the city can be engaging for its character and lifestyle, but are you sacrificing safety? While cities have more secure areas ,some have more risky parts , however take a look at the metropolis’s typical protection scores and crime rate before determining to move. For instance, if you’re relocating to some major cities in Nigeria like Lagos, Abuja, PH and others—Most affluent areas in the cities like Ikoyi, banana Island in Lagos are well secured in terms of security but other areas ensure to enquire how strong its security and get to know more on how to be safe.

5. Establish a Good Network:The people who will live around you’re a big part of what defines your network. Assembly your pals give you an opportunity to invite questions on your new community and possibly discover some hidden gemstones (or worthwhile records) you might have missed otherwise. As for the way to do it, observe the golden rule, that’s that a bit of friendliness is going a long way. Smile and say “hello” to associates who you encounter, ask some mild engaging questions, and build rapport over the years. Having a pleasant acquaintanceship with your friends will help you experience greater hooked up to your new region, and could lead to additional prospects for purchasing concerned.

6. Observe the Topographical Area: The physical characteristics of the land below your new neighborhood may have a pretty effective effect on your overall experience as a resident.

7. Get Accessible and Explore the Utilities: After you have moved in, the best manner to experience at home is to make yourself familiar with your new neighborhood. If you had belongings you loved to do for your vintage metropolis, discover comparable sports in your new town. As an instance, if you want to exercise, spend a while trying out some gym centers for your new area, until you locate the only one that makes you sense the most at home. Check out the best internet connection that’s most suitable for you.

Moving to a new community may be a bittersweet enjoy. On the only hand, it’s far thrilling to discover a brand new location, make new buddies, and domesticate new possibilities. Alternatively, it is frequently painful to go away buddies, cherished ones, and unique reminiscences behind. At some stage in what is probably already an emotional interlude, being able to find the proper community or community for you and your own family with minimal strain could make a distinction within the globe.

Observe those tips and you will be more relaxed moving to a new neighborhood, very quickly!



#NtaPropertyConnect: Makoko floating system – New architecture from Nigeria

Makoko Floating System With the rising of unpredictable climate transitions, fascinating design strategies of have evolved to cope with such transitions. The innovative design tactics involve observing the stability and adaptation of coastal communities in different populations around the world. In the Lagos lagoon of Nigeria, Africa, the coastal city of Makoko, was being treated […]

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#NtaPropertyConnect: Decorating your Home

Your home is an extension of you and portrays your taste and personality. If you feel it’s time to upgrade or transform your interior, look for inspiration on social media or in home magazines. All you need is time, energy and some money. Decorating your home, will not only make your place feel more comfortable […]

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#NtaPropertyConnect: Some Favorite Interior Decor On Instagram

Out of all of the social media accounts that I have, instagram is by far my favorite. I have an obsession with interior decor, but it wasn’t always like that. I love to mix colors, textures, and being able to see it all come together. Below are some of my favorite home interior accounts that […]

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#NtaPropertyConnect: Top 10 Most Beautiful Senate Building of Nigerian Universities

The aesthetic view of a university’s senate building is one of the silent but important factors used in ranking the best universities in Nigeria. In 2015, I compiled a list of the top 10 most beautiful campuses in Nigeria. Though it was an eye-opener, it was definitely not an easy task considering the vast array […]

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4 Elevating Music To Play At A Home Office

Inspirational Background Music is a significant segment of motivational talks, corporate instructional courses, homeroom conversations, and other comparable occasions. The inspiring and motivational nature of music can help make these kinds of occasions more successful. This sort of music contains incredible tunes that move audience members to make a move. The best elevating inspirational acoustic […]

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#NtaPropertyConnect: The Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer or Decorator

When it comes to updating their living space, some homeowners enjoy doing the research and then planning, designing, and decorating on their own. Many believe they will save a substantial amount of money.  While that may be true, they may also be doing themselves a disservice by overlooking the benefits of hiring an interior designer […]

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#NtaPropertyConnect: Some People Look For A Beautiful Place, Others Make A Place Beautiful

Designed by Inverse Interiors The interior of a home speaks about the personality of those who live in it. By arranging your home space you actually tell a story  by the way you perceive it and feel it. That’s why we will see such different arrangements, some of them cheerful in open colors, others in […]

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