#NtaPropertyConnect: Sci-Fi Tip: Futuristic Construction Technologies

My Ph.D. thesis, Design in the Digital Age: In Search of a Collaborative Paradigm, was all about finding novel ways to help designers interact with their clients. I had envisioned a tablet-based Virtual Reality environment with Augmented Reality elements for the client, thus allowing them to better understand what the architect or designer was trying […]

Sci-Fi Tip: Futuristic Construction Technologies — Nicholas C. Rossis

#NtaPropertyConnect: Modular Construction for Affordable Housing

There is a critical need for affordable housing across Canada. Ontario is no different from many other provinces, with ONPHA and the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (Ontario Region) estimating that 69,000 affordable rental homes and 30,000 supportive homes are needed over the next 10 years. A Success Story – British Columbia Modular technology has […]

Modular Construction for Affordable Housing — MODUULAR

Top 10 Benefits of Modular Construction

Modular buildings are fast becoming the construction method of choice across the UK. More and more people are looking to build modular for the ultimate in fast, cost effective and efficient construction. The modular building process is revolutionising the way that the world builds – here are our top 10 benefits of modular construction: 1. […]

Top 10 Benefits of Modular Construction — MODUULAR

#NtaPropertyConnect: The Future of Construction – Why Modular Construction will take over the World

The future of architecture is not worth considering without also considering the future of the construction industry as a whole. With a few exceptions, construction suffers from inefficiencies that detrimental not only to clients’ time and money, but the well-being of the environment. Material waste, high labor costs, long construction times and onerous levels of […]

The Future of Construction – Why Modular Construction will take over the World — MODUULAR

#NtaPropertyConnect Tourism:10 BEST Places to visit in Nigeria

1. Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar Obudu Ranch Resort is wonder place for family vacation. It features a water park with water slide and a swimming pool, a golf course, night-time bonfires and horseback riding. Besides, you will be bonding with your families and nature as you hike through forests and mountains while watching birds. The […]

10 BEST Places to visit in Nigeria — Magical Africa

#NtaPropertyConnect: How to Entertain Guests by Decorating Your House

Having guests at your house can be a comfortable and wonderful way to spend quality time together! If you are having guests over, you want to ensure that they are entertained and that you are presenting your home in a welcoming way. Entertain your guests by decorating them with these four steps! Start With a […]

How to Entertain Guests by Decorating Your House — Life Horizons

#NtaPropertyConnect: 3 Unique Ways to Design an Office Space

Home offices are essential these days. If you work from home, you now have the option to create an office that suits your style and budget. Office decors range from ultra-modern to very warm traditional. You may draw inspiration from the following three office décor options: Modern Office A truly modern office features clean lines, […]

3 Unique Ways to Design an Office Space — Life Horizons

#NtaPropertyConnect: Using the Raft Foundation and Its Types in Construction

The raft foundation which is also known as Mat foundation is used in type of foundation system very commonly. The working principle of raft foundation discusses about choose raft, types of raft foundation, materials of raft foundation, raft construction steps etc. Definition the Raft Foundation Raft foundation is actually a substantial solid slab quiescent on […]

Using the Raft Foundation and Its Types in Construction — Construction Cost

#NtaPropertyConnect: What are the various types of floors?

A floor can be defined as the bottom surface of a room or vehicle. Flooring is the general term used to define a permanent covering of a floor, or even for the process of installing a floor covering. There are a variety in flooring that exists, different types of flooring exist as it the first […]

What are the various types of floors? — Construction Cost

#NtaPropertyConnect: Types of reinforcement or mesh in several footings (foundations)

Different types of Reinforcement in footings or types of mesh used in foundation:- Several types of reinforcement exist in footings. The reinforcement should be provided in footings for tension requirements. Normally, the percentage of reinforcement in footings should remain among 0.5% to 0.8%. Based on the load analysis, the structural engineer design the type of […]

Types of reinforcement or mesh in several footings (foundations) — Construction Cost