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#NtaPropertyConnect: Damage & Repair of Brick Walls in Construction

It gives a sense of stability to see brick buildings. Homeowners have welcomed exposed bricks on their homes, but they are not without problems. Brick walls often have cracks in them. Although cracked brickwork does not necessarily indicate a serious structural issue, it can lead to water damage and mold growth. Damage of Brick Walls […]

Damage & Repair of Brick Walls in Construction — Construction Cost

#NtaPropertyConnect: Various Brick Testing Methods in Construction

Constructions made of bricks are considered to be the world’s oldest and most useful building material. It is imperative to determine the suitability and quality of bricks used in such constructions, considering their immense importance. So, to be sure the structure is strong and stable, several tests must be performed on brick. Various phases of […]

Various Brick Testing Methods in Construction — Construction Cost

#NtaPropertyConnect: The 10 Types of Concrete Used in Construction

Concrete is made up of a mixture of coarse particles called aggregates. As they combine, the result is a hardening material. A concrete’s strength, durability, heat resistance, and workability depend on the amount of water and cement it contains. With fresh concrete, you can create any shape you like: circles, rectangles, squares, or other shapes. […]

The 10 Types of Concrete Used in Construction — Construction Cost

#NtaPropertyConnect: What you need to know About Floor & Wall Tiles

In terms of size and thickness, wall and floor tiles differ primarily based on the materials used in their production and the type of glossy finish they have. Materials used to make floor tiles and wall tiles may differ. However, each tile serves a different purpose. Since the floor is subject to heavy traffic and […]

What you need to know About Floor & Wall Tiles — Construction Cost

#NtaPropertyConnect: Tests to Determine the Crushing Strength of Aggregates in Construction

The mechanical strength of a road-stone is one of the major requirements. It is used to determine aggregates’ ability to withstand stress caused by moving vehicles, namely crushing by moving vehicles. As well as providing sufficient resistance to crushing under the roller, the aggregates should also resist crushing under the rigid tires of heavily loaded […]

Tests to Determine the Crushing Strength of Aggregates in Construction — Construction Cost

#NtaPropertyConnect: The Uses; Grades of Concrete in Construction

Concrete grades according to its strength and composition, as well as the 30-day minimum strength. Mpa is the unit of measure for the grade in concrete, with M denoting mix weight and Mpa denoting overall strength. Different kinds of mixes (M), which consist of cement, sand, and fine aggregate, differ in the proportions of their […]

The Uses & Grades of Concrete in Construction — Construction Cost

#NtaPropertyConnect: What Are Modular Homes?

1 – Modular Homes are made up of sections, called modules Modular homes are homes that are built in sections in a factory setting and then transported to their destinations. They may also be called prefabricated or factory-built homes. The sections are constructed off-site and then assembled into the completed house before heading out or […]

What Are Modular Homes? — MODUULAR

#NtaPropertyConnect: Using the Raft Foundation and Its Types in Construction

The raft foundation which is also known as Mat foundation is used in type of foundation system very commonly. The working principle of raft foundation discusses about choose raft, types of raft foundation, materials of raft foundation, raft construction steps etc. Definition the Raft Foundation Raft foundation is actually a substantial solid slab quiescent on […]

Using the Raft Foundation and Its Types in Construction — Construction Cost

#NtaPropertyConnect: What are the various types of floors?

A floor can be defined as the bottom surface of a room or vehicle. Flooring is the general term used to define a permanent covering of a floor, or even for the process of installing a floor covering. There are a variety in flooring that exists, different types of flooring exist as it the first […]

What are the various types of floors? — Construction Cost

#NtaPropertyConnect: Types of reinforcement or mesh in several footings (foundations)

Different types of Reinforcement in footings or types of mesh used in foundation:- Several types of reinforcement exist in footings. The reinforcement should be provided in footings for tension requirements. Normally, the percentage of reinforcement in footings should remain among 0.5% to 0.8%. Based on the load analysis, the structural engineer design the type of […]

Types of reinforcement or mesh in several footings (foundations) — Construction Cost